Provincetown Activities

For a small town, Provincetown is full of things to do.  One of the great things about PTown is that you can pack a day full of activities or take it easy and relax.  We suggest a mix a both!  While official wedding events will take place over the weekend we highly recommend that you take another day or two to come early or stay late and make the most out of your visit.  We hope you fall in love with this amazing town as much as we have!

Bike Provincelands Trail

This hilly loop starts from Province Lands Visitor Center in Provincetown. The route is 5.25 miles long. But with the trail extensions to Herring Cove Beach, Race Point Beach and Bennett Pond, two more miles can be added to your distance. Riding the trail is a great way to tour the vast dune system in the Province Lands area, as well as its shady Beech Forest, one of the few places within the tract with extensive tree cover.


Go see whales!

Cape Cod is a world-class destination for whale watching. Daily whale watch excursions are offered in season, led by experienced naturalists!


Tea Dance

More outgoing visitors that want to see why PTown is the top LGBT destination on the east cost should check out the Tea Dance!  Every afternoon at the stroke of four, the deck of the Boatslip Beach Club is transformed into Provincetown’s biggest outdoor dance party. Good friends and great dance music make this daily afternoon event a “must-do” for seasoned travelers and first-time visitors alike. 


Wander Commercial Street

Commercial Street has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, unique shops clothing stores, jewelry stores, antique shops, coffee shops, bakeries, gift shops, boutiques, salons, Inns... you name it, you'll find it.  Your feet will give out long before your spirit - we promise.


Check out the Art scene

The Provincetown art colony came into being when Charles Webster Hawthorne opened his Cape Cod School of Art in the summer of 1899. By 1915 as many as 90 students were enrolled to learn his style of impressionist painting.  Today there is no one dominant teacher or school or style of artand PTown is home to over 60 independent art galleries.  You can spend a day (or two) strolling the streets and seeing some of the amazing work on display.   Art enthusiasts should also plan a stop at PAAM - the local art museum - to see some amazing work and learn more about the history of the art community in PTown.


Chill out at the beach

August is THE time to spend some quality time at the beach in Cape Cod.  The weather is perfect and the water is warm.  There are several beaches in the area.  Our personal favorites are Race Point or Herring Cove. 


Visit the library

I know, how often do you go to a library on vacation? Believe us, it's worth a stop in. Take the stairs up to the second and third floor - you won't be disappointed!   Pro tip - if you are wandering around town and nature calls, this is the best place for a pit stop.

Download the App

Available in the Apple App Store or through Google Play, iPtown was created to be your personal connection to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Both first time visitors and longtime fans will find this app invaluable when planning a vacation to America’s First Destination, and then again when navigating all the wonders that Provincetown has to offer.